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Oncology Massage and Lymphatic Drainage Massage

For many years, having or having had cancer was seen as a contraindication to massage, however not only correctly applied massage for someone with cancer is not harmful, it can be incredibly helpful. Having a cancer diagnosis  is for most people a traumatic and isolating time with the worry about the prognosis and treatments for the disease taking over the mind and causing extreme stress and anxiety. Massage can provide a profoundly therapeutic touch at this time.  Janine is able to discuss options with you and,  in agreement with your oncologist,  decide when massage is appropriate and determine appropriate massage therapy following an in-depth consultation.

Lymphedema can be a problem post surgery, either because of postsurgical swelling i.e. following Vaser Liposuction or because the surgery has removed lymph nodes. If this is the case, deep massage must be avoided but specific massage for Lymphatic Drainage can be very beneficial. Manual Lymphatic Drainage is not a cancer specific massage. The lymphatic system may be compromised for a number of reasons i.e. injury, infection and genetic conditions, and this massage is a gentle, light touch massage. 

There are treatments of differing lengths including full body*, upper body, or a hands, feet and head massage.
On your first visit it will be necessary to add approximately 20 minutes to the treatment session. This will allow time for a thorough consultation with Janine take place. You will be asked details about your general lifestyle including personal details, diet, sleeping patterns, medical history and stress levels. This will enable the most effective treatment plan to be determined.

Treatment Prices 

2 hours - £80

1.5 hours - £65

1 hour - £45